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We will be working right outside of Port-au-Prince. The school at Rue-Frere in Petionville. This school is operated by Pastor Sannon and his wife. The couple does not have the financial resources to operate the school - never mind the resources required to repair the damage left by the earthquake and subsequent termite infestation. This faithful couple is struggling to make ends meet and is unwilling to turn children away.

There is vast unmet need in Haiti. Hunger, disease, and political unrest continue to be the norm. We hope to bring just a small amount of relief, hope, and love into the lives of those we meet.

Children of Haiti

Children of Haiti

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today's thoughts from Mary....

As Tom described, Haiti is such a beautiful land especially when you have the view we had from way up the mountains today. But the chaos in the land that we spent the better part of the day driving through is indescribable. There is traffic out of control, streets strewn with food and products, trash everywhere and people lining the sidewalks and walking through the traffic. They are a subdued people at the least and in some ways a very stern and angry people. There's no way for us to understand life from their perspective. But one thing I was assured of today as I looked in the faces of so many, God loves each one of them. Each one of them in these masses of people. And just as He taught me when I first came into a relationship with Him that He had a purpose for my life, He has a purpose for each of their lives and that thought amazes me. We continue to wonder about God's purpose in calling us here. As we anticipated, it is somewhat different than "we planned". But I saw pieces of the plan as we came upon a motorcycle accident and Rachel and Kathy were able to administer care to a woman who had fallen off her bike and as I looked at these small children who were riveted watching the Jesus Film just outside the place we are staying tonight. They left their tents about 25 feet across from our house and came over and sat on the ground to watch the movie with us. We have four busy and full day ahead of us. Continue to pray for our safety (you just can't imagine these roads and how the traffic operates) and for the sweet Spirit of God to reign supreme. Colossians 3:17 is our verse for the day. Join us in praying that scripture. Miss you all....


  1. Hey there! What a great truth! God's purpose for them (and us) is amazing! Thank you for sharing your "view" and for giving yourself to those people for such a time as this!

    PS - Love the devotional!

  2. We miss you all so much!!! We will pray very hard for your safety!!!! Give the entire team my love!!! Mason and Sawyer send kisses your way.