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We're glad you checked into our Blog. Our team is very excited about our trip and we hope you continue to follow our blog and share your thoughts and encouragement with us. Meet our team:
Joe (leader), Mary (boss), Bill, Kathy, John, Bill, Denise, Fern, Heather, Julia, Lisa, Rob, Carol, Tom
We will be working right outside of Port-au-Prince. The school at Rue-Frere in Petionville. This school is operated by Pastor Sannon and his wife. The couple does not have the financial resources to operate the school - never mind the resources required to repair the damage left by the earthquake and subsequent termite infestation. This faithful couple is struggling to make ends meet and is unwilling to turn children away.

There is vast unmet need in Haiti. Hunger, disease, and political unrest continue to be the norm. We hope to bring just a small amount of relief, hope, and love into the lives of those we meet.

Children of Haiti

Children of Haiti

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Men Anpil, Chay Pa Lou.......

(Mary's blog today)
WORK! At last we made it to our first day on the worksite at Rue Frere in Petionville. Took us about 35 minutes to the job site, though it's probably a 15 minute ride without traffic. Several of the team sanded boards and constructed 12 desks/benches for the children (the goal is 30). Bill L threw concrete at a wall most of the day and of the other team members broke down a wall and tore up a concrete floor in the school building. We had some help from workers at the school and met Pastor and Mrs. Sannon and some of their children. They gave the children that attend the school the week off because we are working there, which was necessary for sure, but we are missing the chance to really get to know them. We are hoping to have them come over for a movie night one day before the week is done.

We had a little break at the end of the day and Joe has had a few trips to the local grocery story. Yes, there are literally guards in the parking lot with rifles. It is such a different world here but we are grateful for the privilege of 'seeing' this part of His world.  Took a little break at day's end and then it was dinner hour. We had a little 'spider' adventure during dinner hour. (Denise is not over it!!) See the photo below that Tom took with his special lense. :)

Super warm and humid tonight so we had our devotions outside. We heard testimonies from Bill & Denise and John F. We are so grateful for the tapestries of each other's lives and the reminders as we hear each other's stories of how awesome our God is. It also gives us hope for our friends and family members that are not walking with the Lord right now. God is at work weaving the story of their lives together as well, even when we are not aware of all that He is doing. We all shared a favorite Psalm and things we are thankful for. The time was rich.

Back to the work site in the morning for more work on the building, roof and the desks/benches. We will be back at Pastor Martinez' church tomorrow night to show the Jesus film to the children from that church. We continue to depend on your prayers for His grace and strength. We desire to honor Him in our relationships with one another and with those the Lord chooses to bring into our path.

Denise's Spider

Our Super worker

building shcool benches

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