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We're glad you checked into our Blog. Our team is very excited about our trip and we hope you continue to follow our blog and share your thoughts and encouragement with us. Meet our team:
Joe (leader), Mary (boss), Bill, Kathy, John, Bill, Denise, Fern, Heather, Julia, Lisa, Rob, Carol, Tom
We will be working right outside of Port-au-Prince. The school at Rue-Frere in Petionville. This school is operated by Pastor Sannon and his wife. The couple does not have the financial resources to operate the school - never mind the resources required to repair the damage left by the earthquake and subsequent termite infestation. This faithful couple is struggling to make ends meet and is unwilling to turn children away.

There is vast unmet need in Haiti. Hunger, disease, and political unrest continue to be the norm. We hope to bring just a small amount of relief, hope, and love into the lives of those we meet.

Children of Haiti

Children of Haiti

Friday, April 15, 2011

Team Member Comments continued


More comments from some team members

Me(Tom):  "I am so grateful to all of my friends and family for their overwhelming support - both financially and in prayer.  We will certainly be a blessing to the children of the school at Rue-Frere because of you all."

Lisa: "I'm very excited to meet the people of Haiti and lend a helping hand."

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