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We will be working right outside of Port-au-Prince. The school at Rue-Frere in Petionville. This school is operated by Pastor Sannon and his wife. The couple does not have the financial resources to operate the school - never mind the resources required to repair the damage left by the earthquake and subsequent termite infestation. This faithful couple is struggling to make ends meet and is unwilling to turn children away.

There is vast unmet need in Haiti. Hunger, disease, and political unrest continue to be the norm. We hope to bring just a small amount of relief, hope, and love into the lives of those we meet.

Children of Haiti

Children of Haiti

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The question is not "Is it worth it, but is HE worth it.

For me, an American male focused on doing and feeling complete when accomplishing the task at hand - today was a bit of a challenge.    We were unable to work at the school today and had to settle for a brief `visit and a quick discussion regarding the next four days.  Our idea of hitting it hard day after day and accomplishing our goal was not progressing to plan.  Personally frustrating - both because I want to work and finish our project and I draw a sense of personal worth through working - but also because I feel a sense of responsibility towards those I have helped lead on this trip and grow anxious about making sure their trip is succesful. I think many of us felt the same.

During our group devotional and prayer time, Pastor Jovin shared with us.  He told us a story of about a time in his life when he gave up. His ministry was accomplishing nothing and was ready to walk away.  God had other plans for Martinez --- God reminded Martinez that it's not for us to be concerned about what the results are, about who is reached, about what is accomplished.  We are simply called to be faithful and to leave the rest to Him.  He told us a friend of his who counseled him with a simple saying..."it's not if what I do is worth it, but is He worth it."  
These were words I needed to hear.  We/I may accomplish nothing this week that I can measure - or that we planned or hoped to do.....I may not affect the life of a single person.....and yet my effort, my work will all be worth it...or more appropriately said my work/my effort will all be worth HIM.  Our scales, our timing, our goals are nothing.....but serving and doing whatever I can, no matter what the results....yes He is worth it.

So today - we built nothing.  We did show the Jesus film to 100 or so people from the tent city outside the house we are staying in.  Tomorrow - we will work and hopefully make tremendous progress.....but if we don't it's all OK because our God is.....is....worth it.

The first picture below is from a high point in Haiti --- the second is from the village below.  When looking through pictures from today the contrast struck me.....you don't think of picture #1 when thinking of Haiti.  It gave all of us a new perspective. Haiti is beautiful and God willing, just like our lives if we work together to let Jesus in when we drill down into the "city" it will again be beautiful.
The view from within

The view from above

A few pictures from our Movie Night"

Carol watching with the kids

having fun


  1. Sounds like some good lessons learned. You're right. God calls us to be obedient, and to let him take care of the results. You're doing good work, which means willing work. God will take care of everything else. Glad the trip is going well, if not as planned!

  2. Hey Tom. What a good word for us all! I am sure He is using you in ways you may never know. But as you said, He is worth it! To Him be the glory!

  3. Hi My sweet husband. I miss you so much. Little Mason misses you more. She has been making you pictures and talking about you constantly. This morning she woke up and said in her sleep.."I miss Daddy." I didn't think she would be so weapy. You are very missed. Please be safe and know that we are praying for you and the team. I can't wait to hear about all of your experiences!!! I LOVE YOU!!! MUAH